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                   Top Mind Power Articles



Affirmation Technique

Simple Affirmation Techniques
Read many affirmation articles and get free ebook

How to Attract Love Through Affirmations
The good news is, you can develop the skill to live a full and joyful life, enhanced by love

"Can You Create Your Own Luck With Affirmations?"
There are affirmation techniques that empower you to achieve your desires in ways that appear to be pure luck. 
How To Use Affirmations to Attract Money?
Be silent while knowing, visualizing, and feeling how it is to already have the amount of money you desire.

Affirmative Prayer - One Key To Power
While there are many types of prayer, affirmative prayer is the most scientific....

Affirmations for Wealth & Power
A list of affirmations to attract wealth and power

Ultimate Secrets Of Truly Effective Affirmation
Why affirmation doesn't work for some people? Find out...

Yoga and Mindpower

Yoga and Pranayama
Read articles on yoga and pranayama
Basis of Meditation Techniques That Are Centered on Breathing Practices, or Pranayama

"When you watch your breath, you will reach cessation naturally. When your breathing stops, your mind will stop."

Yoga and Anger Management 
Discover how to control anger with...

Yoga Health Secrets
According to yoga there are six "secrets" of longevity..

The Cat Stretch - An Excellent Exercise For Your Back
Want to keep your back fit? Read this article...

Yoga For Neck Pain
Yoga exercises to heal neck pain.

The Amazing Power of Sun Salutation
Discover benefits of this popular yoga asana

Meditation To Control the Mind

Mind and Meditation
Meditation articles and free meditation ebook

5 Little Known Secrets of Meditation, Energy and Manifestation
Learn about these secrets of meditation...

How to Use Music and Art as a Relaxation Technique Meditation
Music and art have the strongest capacity to lead us to a meditating path...

Trataka A Meditation Practice for Everyone
Trataka is a wonderful practice for everyone and especially for the aspirant of meditation.

Which Meditation is Best for You?
There are many types of meditation methods you can use, and though they all have...

Two Free Meditations To Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure
Scientific studies show that meditation not only lowers stress levels but also helps to lower blood pressure...

Understanding the Power of Mantras

Manifestation Method

Mind and Secret Art of Manifestation
Manifestation articles and free report

The Fastest Way to Manifest Your Desires
Is there a way to change your life condition, and manifest your desires at the fastest possible speed?

An Easy Way To Attain Your Desires
There is a hard way to get what you want, and there is an easy way. Which one do you choose?

Present Reality is Manifestation of Past Thoughts
You know that your thoughts create your reality.

Taking Action is Part of Manifestation Process
Read how we should act to make our manifestation success?

5 Reasons Manifesting Can Be Hard

Whether you find manifestation hard or easy depends on these 5 reasons...

Hypnosis Method of Mind Control

Mind Power and Hypnosis
Free hypnosis articles and top hypnosis products

The Amazing Powers of Self Hypnosis 
I want to share a success story about hypnosis for weight loss...

Hypnosis and Spiritual Development
hypnosis can be used for even greater purposes than these, including spiritual development.

What Is Conversational Hypnosis
How you can "hypnotize" people through conversation.

Conversational Hypnosis: Eye-Accessing Cues Part I

You can read people's mind by reading their eyes and hypnotize through conversation

Conversational Hypnosis: Eye-Accessing Cues Part II

Read part 2 of the above article

Subliminal Method 

Subliminal Power: Technology U. S. Govt. Tried To Ban
Subliminal articles and free Mind Reality ebook

Subliminal Messages -- Control Your Thoughts and Create Your Life
The subconscious accepts whatever you pretend is real and will use it to create your outer reality.

New to Subliminal Messaging?
Learn more about it

Subliminal Messages - The Secret Seduction?
Subliminal messages, or hidden messages, contain a hidden stimuli with a planned response.

How Napoleon Hill Got Me a Porsche with Subliminal Message
I found that I could apply Napoleon Hill's techniques with subliminal messages...

See the Future - Subliminal Messages in Video
It really is simple once you know how to do it.

Which Is Better - Hypnosis Or Subliminal Messages?
The pros and cons of hypnosis and subliminal messages

Weight Loss Is Effortless With Subliminal Messaging. Read more..

NLP Method

NLP Method--Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP articles showing easy nlp methods


"How To Create Supreme States Of Mind That Empower You To Make Magnificent Changes..."

Learn how to create states of mind that can be used to positively re-program your past, present and future.

A Surefire Way To Manage Your Fears While Leading A Happier, Healthier Life
Imagine discovering a way to get rid of your fears in a quick and painless manner.

"How to Raise Self Esteem: Part One"
How do you snap out of low energy level wretchedness and raise self esteem?

"How to Raise Self Esteem: Part Two"
Learn about 'The Swish' Neuro-Linguistic Programming method to re-program your thought process.

"Fast Phobia Cure: Get Results Within 10 Minutes"
With NLP technique it is possible to overcome phobia in 10 minutes

"How to overcome emotional overwhelm"
5 'piece of cake' NLP methods for  dealing with stress and anxiety

Increasing Wealth with Mindpower

Mindpower and Wealth
Wealth-increasing articles and free money ebook

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Income Successfully
Increase income, earn more cash using simple methods. Money is an important need of people.

How To Use Affirmations to Attract Money?
Be silent while knowing, visualizing, and feeling how it is to already have the amount of money you desire.

How to Rapidly Eliminate Debt
With simple steps you can eliminate debt and save more money too

Affirmations for Wealth & Power
A list of affirmations to attract wealth and power

"How I Make Thousands Of Dollars, Using Only My Subconscious Mind..."
Thousands of dollars will be yours, just by using your subconscious mind.

Money Power
Money power and how to attract money

Getting Rich With The Keys To Power
One subject that seems to be on everyone's mind is money. I have had a number of people ask me if the Keys To Power can be used to create fabulous wealth and untold riches.


Reaching Goal with Mindpower

Mindpower and Goal
Goal-setting articles and free mini-ebook

True Goals
Here is how I really discovered what my true goals were.

How to get what you want by using your brain in GDSM mode
Once you learn how to use your biological supercomputer-your brain-in the GDSM mode, there is no limit to what you can do.

How To Turn Your Goals Into Reality
 If you are unable to reach the goals you set with so much longing, here are the four things that can help you make them a reality


Controlling Thoughts with Mindpower

Controlling Your Thoughts
Thoughts to transform you and free report

Psychic Self Protection
With this technique, I am going to show you how to create and maintain a 'safe zone' where no-one can attack you.

Power Beliefs
Positive thoughts to power your belief

Transforming Anger Into Joy
Any emotion feeds on it's expression. The more you express an emotion, the easier it becomes to express it more often.

Turning Problems Into Possibilities
Many times, a problem is an indication that there is something we must learn.

Mindpower and Visualization

Read articles on visualization and mind power

Healing Visualization - Multidimensional Energy Healing Method
One of the simplest forms of healing is by Visualization...

How to Use Holographic Creation to Co-Create a Better World
Using your imagination powerfully will transform your life.

Why creative visualization works
Read about reasons why visualization produce results


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