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Affirmations for Wealth & Power

By Alan Tutt
Keys To Power

I have Power! I am Omnipotent!

I can perform miracles! I have the faith!

I command the Universe! My word is magic!

All things are mine to enjoy.

Life is for me. Life is wonderful!

I always enjoy the best Life has to offer.

I am a magnet for good things.

Money flows my way. People give me things.

People like me, so they give me special treatment.

Others obey my will! Everyone serves me!

Even the Gods do as I ask!

I get everything I want.

I have a natural instinct for things.

I am a winner! The prize is mine!

I can make anything happen.

I am the strong one. The strong control the weak.

Affirmations for General Good

Love, wealth, and happiness are mine.

Life is wonderful!

Things are getting better & better.

I am a magnet for good things.

I get everything I want.

Within me flows Power, Wisdom, and Love.

I am taking control.

I relax into my success.

I am confident in my ability to lead and direct people.

Wherever I go and whatever I do, God will provide me with all that I need and want.

I am the only one blocking my good.

My connection to Spirit is the core of my life, all else is simply an outgrowth of my faith.

I choose an abundant Life.

Everything I want is available for the asking.

I am in touch with Universal Power.

I am too big and powerful to be held by circumstances.

I have the Power to do and attract anything I want.

Life is a game where all the rules are stacked in my favor. 

Iam a winner of this game.

The World is available for the taking.

The whole World is mine - I own it.




Alan Tutt is the creator of the Keys To Power Mastery System and author of "Keys To Power Prosperity"  




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