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What Is Visualization?
 By Preeti Narayan

We can describe visualization in one word: Imagination. 

But it is not some ordinary imagination.

It is powerful, carefully guided or planned mental imagination. 

That's why visualization technique is also known as Guided Visualization or Creative Visualization.

How it works?

During visualization you have to mentally imagine what you want and believe that you have already got it. When you do like this you set off a powerful chain reactions in your subconscious mind and around you too. 

We have lots of thoughts and mental images recorded in our mind. These thoughts, feelings and mental images run our life. They influence our attitude, behaviour, actions and decisions.

If we want to change our life, we first need to change these recordings in our brain.

If we change them positively and DIRECT our thoughts, feelings and mental imagination towards things we want, we ATTRACT those things to us.

Also, research on brain indicates that images affect our brain more strongly—irrespective of whether it's mental image or physical image.

And visualization technique makes full use of this power of images. That’s why when you sit and mentally visualize what you want, it creates stronger impression on your mind.

Hence you can bring improvement in yourself more faster by using the natural power of mental images.  

How To Do Visualization

Here are visualization steps in brief: 

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet place.
  • Relax your body.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly for few times.
  • Now Visualize or imagine a full, clear mental picture of what you want to achieve or possess. Visualize with enthusiasm and emotions.  Feel as if you have already achieved it.
  • Repeat visualization daily with patience and belief until you get what you want.


  • It is one of the best mind control techniques
  • Helps you take charge of your thoughts and feelings
  • Help you to focus on what you want and remove negative images and feelings from your mind
  • It is useful in achieving wide variety of goals such as personal development, health, improving relations, wealth, etc.

How To Get Best Results:

To get best results, we shouldn't limit our self with small thinking. An open mind and strong belief give better results. Besides, we should do visualization everyday for at least 15 minutes, until our goal is accomplished.


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