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Healing Visualization - Multidimensional Energy Healing Method

By Adrian Cooper,
Author of Our Ultimate Reality

There are many forms of healing, but they are ultimately all involved with one thing; Energy. At all levels humans, like everything else in the Universe without exception, are pure Energy manifesting in an infinite number of ways.

The human body is ultimately pure Energy, which, like everything in the outer-world (the physical Universe) is a perfect reflection of the inner world.

In the case of our own outer body, it is a reflection of our own inner world. Before anything at all can manifest in the outer, physical world, it must first manifest within the inner, non-physical worlds.

As multi-dimensional, or more accurately multi-density, multi-vibrational Beings all ailments originate from within, specifically due to Energy imbalances of the inner bodies.

"Modern" medicine still largely fails to realize these important truths, and therefore fails to understand that all surgery, medicines and other medical procedures are doing is to mask the symptoms without ever healing the actual cause.

Of course there are various healing methods such as Pranic healing, Reiki and Acupuncture that are Energy based; the very reason they are often so successful.

One of the simplest forms of healing is by Visualization.

By visualizing anything in the form we believe to be ideal, we influence its Energy in the same direction.

So if we visualize ourselves, a specific aspect of ourselves, or another person as radiating health, then that must, sooner or later, become the reality.

As with many situations where we consciously utilize the power of the Mind, excellent times are just prior to sleep at night, and just after waking in the morning, particularly early morning.

During these time we are most closely in communication with our subconscious Mind, and it is the subconscious Mind that in turn influences Energy and the Universe, the Superconscious Mind to bring about the desired effects whether it be healing, manifestation or anything else.

For a simple but potentially effective healing visualization process, proceed as follows:

Healing Visualization Method

Just before sleep at night relax as deeply as possible, clear your Mind of all thoughts, and begin to visualize the object of the healing. This might be yourself, another person, or an aspect of yourself or another person who is in need of this healing.

As you drift off to sleep visualize the object of the healing to be surrounded by a sphere of radiant, glowing, white light.

Now imagine, visualize and know, beyond any doubt, the object of the healing to be in perfect, vibrant health. The more knowing, emotion and gratitude you can feel, the more powerful the healing will be.

Never for a moment doubt that the person or aspect of the person to be healed is in anything but perfect, vibrant health, and always in the present tense, i.e. is in perfect health, never "will be" in perfect health.

Continue with this visualization, knowing and feelings as you drift off to sleep. Continue every day for as long as is necessary to bring about the desired result; i.e. a full healing.

This is a simple and convenient healing visualization method. My book, "Our Ultimate Reality" includes three chapters on every aspect of Healing, detailing the principles and most effective methods.


By Adrian Cooper,
Author of  Our Ultimate Reality


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