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Two Free Meditations That Will Help You Get Started in Lowering Your Blood Pressure

By William Bodri,
Meditation for Beautiful Skin

Yes, scientific studies show that meditation not only lowers stress levels and helps you deal with it, but also lowers the stress producing hormone cortisol.

That means it can affect high blood pressure, namely "hypertension."

Okay, so tell me how do you meditate to lower blood pressure? How do you get rid of hypertension?

There's two meditations you can try:

(1) imagine you are a skeleton, pop off you head, turn it upside down and place it on your lap. Try it right now and you'll feel your energy descend.

That helps lower blood pressure because you relocate the center of thinking, and thus chi, to a lower region in the body.

(2) imagine candle flames burning out your big toes. If you walk around imagining that your toes are two candle flames on fire, almost overnight you'll often see a drop in high blood pressure.

What about a nutritional approach to lowering blood pressure?

Nattokinase lowers the blood pressure for almost everyone I talk to.

Why? Because it dissolves the obstructions in your veins and arteries PERMANENTLY and hence, with obstructions gone your blood pressure drops. It's a fantastic cure with lots of other side benefits.

Bless the Japanese for discovering this stuff.

Most people with high blood pressure are also magnesium deficient, so Magnesium supplements over time help reduce your BP as well.

Over 85% of people are magnesium deficient, so this deficiency is often one of the cause of high blood pressure. If you take magnesium, always take it with calcium together.

Another option: 1/2 teaspoon of Pure Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) 2X, and 1 teaspoon L-arginine powder or 1 teaspoon Kyolic liquid 3X.

Don't write me for details--just do some web research and take responsibility for your health as there are LOTS of natural approaches to lowering blood pressure available on the web, and most of them work.

These types of approaches can get you off BP medications for good. One last method... remember those subliminal tapes (see the website article) I mentioned?

They have specific tapes for relaxation and blood pressure you might want to check into but honestly, the candle method works quickest and best (and it's free), especially for those with a serious BP problem where you can even see the results of hypertension in the face (it's puffy and red and they can't even sleep).

William Bodri, has a Masters Degrees in Engineering and an MBA from Cornell University as well as a background in naturopathy and another Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition.

He is also author of these ebooks:

Meditation for Beautiful Skin
How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization



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