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What is Affirmation? 

By Preeti Narayan


Affirmations are positive statements which you have to say to yourself repeatedly to get what you want--to achieve your desires.

Affirmation technique is also known as positive self-talk.

How Does it work?

An affirmation technique is based on this simple principle: you can change yourself or things around you by believing and saying "I Can do it" rather than saying "I can't"

Affirmation thus works by:

"changing your self-defeating, negative thoughts into positive, confident thoughts."

Also, when affirmations are used repeatedly, they influence your subconscious mind positively.

This positive influence leads to improved actions and better outcome in your life.

How to Get Best Results From Affirmation:

To get best results, your affirmations must be positive and in present tense. What you say must exist in NOW.

Example of Good Affirmations:

For relaxation

  • I am calm and cool

  • I am completely relaxed.

  • I am happy and satisfied

For Wealth

  • I am rich

  • I have enough money to fulfill my needs

For Health

  • I am slim and healthy

  • I am healthy and beautiful

  • I am strong and healthy

For Positive self-image

  • I am a good human being

  • I love myself

  • I am making good use of my life

Another important thing about affirmation is Repetition. Research says that one must use affirmation repeatedly and daily for a specific duration of time to get maximum results from affirmation.

We suggest that once you start using affirmation, please repeat it for at least 21 to 30 days.

You can repeat affirmation silently or aloud. Or you can listen calmly to affirmation audio program. Use the technique you feel comfortable with.

Benefits Of Affirmation Technique

Regular and intelligent use of Affirmation can help to:

  • Overcome negative thoughts arising due to depressing, painful experiences.

  • Tackle negative emotions such as fear, panic, worry, and stress.

  • Improve work and performance. Yes, positive affirmation helps to boost your willpower, confidence and belief in yourself—all of which help to achieve more in life.

Affirmation is also useful in improving health, relationship, habits, work or business, wealth and success.

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